It all Started When...

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    Glowing in culture, driven by passion

    Growing up with his parents running an Asian grocery store, Jimmy Sun developed a profound appreciation and palate for unique fruits, with lychee being his favorite. Jimmy became interested in energy drinks to help him get through the day at school. The problem? These energy drinks often had questionable ingredients and led to energy crashes. Jimmy also felt the flavors were seriously lacking, none that captured the delicious Asian fruits he had grown up loving. That’s how Gleem came to be — a sparkling, radiant energy drink with a better taste, healthier ingredients, and a positive message. Packed with Asian-inspired flavors, Gleem gives the boost you need with just 125 mg of caffeine and zero sugar. With Gleem, every sip is a step towards a more playful, energized world. 

Why we got started

Gleem is more than an energy drink; it's a beacon of joy in a can, a reminder to embrace life's lighter side. That’s why Gleem's expertly formulated to boost your energy, but also lift your mood, increase your focus, and up your immunity. Plus, Gleem tastes great. Not “great for an energy drink”. Actually great.

We envision a world where everyday is an opportunity for fun, laughter, and making memories. Gleem is our heartfelt contribution to this vision, encouraging our consumers to find happiness in the small moments and to live each day with a sense of joy and adventure. "Fueling your fun"-this mantra is central to everything we do at Gleem.